Jim Knipple

is a stage director, producer, and theater educator.  His productions are bold, imaginative, immediate and entertaining to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He currently teaches directing and playwriting at West Virginia University.

His focus on new work has led him to direct premieres by Neil LaBute, Erik Ehn, Brooke Berman, Juliana Avery, Rosemary Toohey, and many others. He is the founding Artistic Director of the Run of the Mill Theater Company (Baltimore’s Best Theater Company - 2007) and co-founder of World Premiere Weekend.

Feel free to check out the rest of the site. You’ll find pictures and videos of prior productions as well as downloadable resumes, recent news, and more.

Jim Knipple

quote of the day

The impossible in art is anything that has happened in real life.

     - Oscar Wilde